Root Causes of Autism + 10 Answers From Science

For those of you who missed Part 1 of the call with Dr. John Gildea & Dr. Martin Katz, click on the audio below.*  Slides can be downloaded here.

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 Part 2 of Root Causes of Autism will occur 2/13/19.  Click here to register.

2:50 – Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS)
6:30 – Mitochondrial Dysfunction
17:57 – Inflammation
23:21 – Gut Health
28:25 – Sulforaphane reduces symptoms of Autism: clincal trial overview
34:10 – Sulforaphane vs glucoraphanin (aka sulforaphane glucosinolate)
46:30 – Euric Acid (mistakenly called eurcin in the webinar) in broccoli
49:30 – Clinical testimony on sulforaphane’s impact on Autistic children from Dr. David MacDonald*


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