Sulforaphane's Impact on Nrf-2 & Autism Webinar

In this call with practitioners, Dr. Martin Katz and Dr. John Glidea go in depth on Nrf-2 - what it is, why it is important and how it is turned on. 

Additionally, they discuss the John's Hopkins clinical trial on how sulforaphane impacts Autism, and how BDNF's, toxins and inflammation play a role in Autism.


5:00 Introduction to Nrf-2
7:00 Sulforaphane's impact on KEAP1 & Nrf-2
8:45 Nfr-2 Mediated Response
10:30 Acetaminophen and Nrf-2

21:30 Target Genes
23:45 Actual sulforaphane vs "Sulforaphane glucosinolate"
33:15 Hopkins clinical trial on sulforaphane & Autism
37:00 BDNF & Autism
39:45 Gut health & Autism
49:15 Heat Shock Proteins & Autism
54:00 Inflammation & Autism



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