Real Reason? 
         You'll have to eat 10 Lbs of it to
          Make a noticable difference!
                     do this instead ...

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA -- There’s an epidemic in our country that has been causing temper tantrums and family feuds at American dinner tables for the past 50+ years…

And that epidemic is…

Parents forcing their children to eat BROCCOLI!

Is broccoli good for you?

Yes! It’s amazing for you, actually!

Should you be forced to eat your broccoli at the dinner table, with frustrated threats of being grounded from playing video games or playing on your phone until it’s gone?


You may not have known this, but you really don’t get much benefit from broccoli unless you eat 10 POUNDS of it!

10 POUNDS!!!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could eat 10 pounds of broccoli even if someone offered to pay me a thousand bucks!

Thankfully, there’s a MUCH better way to get ALL the benefits of 10 pounds of broccoli, without causing any family feuds or emotional stress that can do serious damage.

Continue reading below to learn about the “DNA Whisperer”, and how a tragic loss in his family led to an amazing discovery that is now helping thousands of Americans… 

If Old Age is Wreaking Havoc on Body, Mind and Soul:

Breakthrough “DNA Whisperer”
Treatment Holds the Key to Everlasting

Clinical studies show this miracle pill RESTORES your joints, body fat, blood pressure, skin, and blood sugar to the younger you. Reboot your aging brain as you’ll feel your energy skyrocket 457%. Results start in as little as 24 hours.

Hi, my name is David Roberts.

In April 2012, my precious wife Mara was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Me and my other 3 colleagues were scientists and medical practitioners from John Hopkins and Stanford, and we were fiercely determined to find a solution.

And thus began a 5 year roller-coaster journey.


We tested her cells in the lab, trying to find the nutrients that will create the most impact.

After much trial and error, we realized that a magical compound known as the DNA Whisperer may be key to her recovery. Indeed, 10,0003 scientific publications has sung its healing praises to date.

However, not even Big Pharma has ever successfully stabilized the nutrient. So resolved to do it on our own, we scrambled in a race against time.


In 2017, Mara passed away before we could make the DNA Whisperer in pill form.

Yet, our efforts were not in vain.

You see, like a kernel of seed that falls to the ground and dies in order for plants to grow...  

Mara’s Death Was a Gift to the World!

Because even after this sad setback, we pressed on.

Dedicated to a newfound cause of ridding the world of the anguish that a broken down body brings.

And finally, just mere months later... we successfully isolated the DNA Whisperer… 

A scientific breakthrough LIGHT YEARS Beyond Big Pharma’s Domain 

Really.... When people above 50 consume the DNA Whisperer, they experience all kinds of health miracles. In their own words...

      “I love it and have told my friends about. I feel more alert and have more of a zip in
       my step. I feel better in the morning when I get up and feel like I have more energy.
       I just feel better all around. It’s been a noticeable change.”

       -Will R., September, 2018

      “I have been using this product for 3-4 months now, and it is amazing at removing
       toxins from the body, especially heavy metals. I had been getting vertigo quite often
       and would get very sick, but since using this product I haven't had any episodes. Great
      for the gut too!”

      -Jeremy L., June 2019

      “I’m a 75 year old US Marine, prostate cancer survivor with U.S. govt issues artificial
       knee, pedicle screw & rod implants at L3, L4, L5. I started taking the product a year
       ago to reduce my pain. Today I’m pain free. My body – every part of it – is working
      better today than it did 25 years ago! My miracle supplement!”

      -Oliver N., July 2019

Are you starting to get excited yet?

Hello. Again, My name’s David Roberts.

Me and my partners from John Hopkins, Stanford and other prestigious universities run Epiceutical Labs, a NutriGenetics company.

I admit it’s a fancy name. But basically, NutriGenetics is the science of using nutritional supplements to affect changes in your genes.

Specifically, we focus on stopping and reversing aging. Indeed, Epiceutical Labs have patented breakthroughs that not only increase life-span but health-span as well.

This means you won't just live to a ripe old age... Every single one of those years will be FILLED with vigor, freedom and joy.

And this possibly THE most significant anti-aging discovery in history

      •Backed by 10,003 publications from 33 different countries.
      •Health miracles as long as a grocery list for a family of 5.
      •An astonishing compound that wasn’t readily available in the marketplace...       
      Until now.

Before that, let me ask you.  

Do You Feel Betrayed By Your Body?

Do you go green with envy when the people around you are not subjected to the daily ritual of pills that you’re on?

Do you feel uncomfortable when you start forgetting everyday stuff? When your spouse tells you everything is ok but you can see in her eyes, that it’s not?

Are you ashamed that you’re actually jealous of your own children, who have boundless energy like bunnies – possessing an unstoppable zest for life?

If that’s the case, I have great news for you.

Let me tell you about the mind-blowing DNA Whisperer nutrient… Where you’ll experience:

      •Being pleased as a punch you have a “pep in your step”..
      HbA1c numbers so stunning it’ll make your physician fist-pump in the air and
       say “yes!” – without eating bland tasteless “friendly” food.
      •A life without fear of memory loss. Start remember vital details like names,
       bank accounts and key events again.
      •Moving without pain, with your limb limber and soft.  
      •Freedom from a suffocating cloak of dull fatigue, casting it off as a jolt of       
 fills up your body like a ball of lightning. 

And All This Without Dangerous Prescription Drugs And Nasty Side Effects

The more you read this, the more your body is filled with hope.

Because our DNA Whisperer breakthrough is supported from exciting news coming from the cutting edge Harvard Medical School:

They described how part of a simple “magic youth switch”… in just 24 hours… caused total age reversal in people.

Mental functions were restored… Physical functions were revived… Even emotional functions were rejuvenated…

It sounds like something from a myth. A Fountain of Youth fairy tale. But it’s real…

In one of their amazing experiments, a geriatric mouse ran nonstop for so long that it broke the lab treadmill!

The machine wasn’t built to go more than 1.9 miles.

It’s the equivalent of you taking a simple treatment… pulling on a pair of sneakers… plunging yourself in an Ironman Triathlon at age 77…  

…and beating the huffing-and-puffing 21-year-olds as you cross the finish line.

You might ask, “But that’s just mice, right?”

Good point. Because…

For a brief time, we saw these results only in animals… Until recently…

Scientists have begun tests with humans. And they’re working…

In 2017, Canadian scientists conducted an 8-week randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial treatment to reverse the aging of 140 people. That’s the gold standard of medical trails.

Needless to say, it was a wild success – With increased energy levels and decreased inflammation across the board.

To further seal its monumental impact, the study was reviewed by the Natural Health Product Directorate, Health Canada and a research ethics board…

And was given a united thumbs up!

Meanwhile, something curious was brewing across the pond.

European Scientists at a breakthrough study sponsored by the Swedish Research Council saw similar results…

They gave the compound to volunteers and, by one scientific measurement for decision-making, their brains became 72% more powerful. They reported their memory, decision-making, and focus all improved.

Not only that…

According to medical journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, The researchers from the University of East Anglia in the U.K. has discovered the DNA Whisperer lowers pain from overworked joints to just half of what it was before!

Again, in just days.

And that’s 3 studies OUT a whopping 10,003 scientific publications studying the compound.

My friend, I’ll cut to the chase. 

The DNA Whisperer is Reversing Age.

Let me repeat that…

These treatments are NOT just making people “feel better” or helping them “age better.” No…

They are reversing aging at a biological level!

It’s finally come true…

As professor of genetics Dr. David Sinclair at Harvard Medical School says,
“By the turn of the next century, a person who is 122 on the day of his or her death may be said to have lived a full, though not particularly long, life. We will look back with sadness on the time in our history in which it was not so.”

Imagine that.... When living till 122 is the norm... Where perfect health follows you for the rest of your days.

Better brain power and overworked joints becoming free from pain, however, are just the beginning. As you’ll soon see, scientists have figured out a way to reverse aging in every single cell of your body.

I’ll reveal what the DNA Whisperer stands for in a moment. But the most important thing for you to know is, this technology has been assembled…

…into this new capsule.

I’ve been quietly using it. So have my customers. But it’s time for the rest of the world to know about the DNA Whisperer.  

I predict, in just a couple years, your doctor visits may never be the same again. 

Instead of anxiety, those using the DNA Whisperer will get an AVALANCHE of good news.

If you get to test this revolutionary treatment, you’ll saunter into the doctor’s office…

You’re ACTUALLY looking forward to getting tested. Brimming with confidence you’re in perfect health.

Grinning from ear-to-ear as you feel as energetic as a gazelle in spring.

You admit your knees, lower back, and knuckles feel brand-new because your aching joints will feel their pain VANISHING…

As you’re having a chat, you’re picking up the smallest details in your chat with the doctor… You realize your brain fog is no longer there.

…As the good doctor does a double take as he gawks at your sculpted physique.

But it’s your secret, because you know you’re now biologically younger than your last visit.

Then he wraps a cuff around your arm, reads your HbA1C numbers… smiles and nods… and all he can say is…

“Keep up the good work! These are the best numbers I’ve seen from you in years… maybe, ever. We’ll get your blood pressure results soon. But, seeing how much weight you’ve lost and how glowing you look, I bet they’ll come back spic and span.”

Finally, he smiles with a thumbs up.

No bad news.

No frowns.

No “oh no” looks of sadness.

No more additional tests, thank you very much.

Instead, he just nods and shakes your hand. “You’re looking great. Whatever you’ve been doing… It’s like you’re getting younger. See you next year!”

“Well, that was easy!” you think. 

As you walk back outside, you realize this is your new life with “young again” cells.

All thanks to the DNA Whisperer.

In this special video presentation, I’m going to show you 
how this breakthrough works.

I’ll show you the exact pill I’ve been taking myself and giving to a senior community simply known as “the Restored”.

I’ll show everything that’s in it.

And most importantly, I’ll show you how you can get it for yourself.

This is something every American over 50 needs to know.

How does it sound to live a long and fruitful life? Imbued with the energy of youth and freedom from all kinds of ailments that normally plague you? How amazing is that?

It’s for this very purpose I discovered the DNA Whisperer and how it’s now available in a single pill.

As you heard, this new breakthrough could help give you better blood pressure than exercise. Better blood sugar without changing your diet. Lower triglycerides. Vastly improved health.

You’ll even feel four times more energy!

Want to know something intriguing? 

Rumors of the Mysterious DNA Whisperer Has Been Around for Centuries.


In BC times, it was known as the Etruscan Elixir… The health relic of a lost civilization that were as fit as fiddles. Unfortunately the astounding properties were wiped out by the Pompeii volcanic eruption.

Luckily, It was rediscovered in the 149 BC writings of eccentric Athenian politician Cato the Elder. This secret enabled him to live till the ripe old age of 85 years old when the average Roman life span was a mere 35 years old…

He was on to something!

And while the properties have been praised for CENTURIES, it’s only recently science has caught up.

And boy has the praise piled on… All 10,003 papers!

So think about what you could do in just a week, when you properly ingest the DNA Whisperer…
     •You could feel mentally sharp, like your brain’s just woken up in a whole new
      •You might grab your spouse’s hand and go out dancing…
     •Play with your grand-kids as you keep up with them step-for-step…
     •Or plan a camping trip, get back to tending your garden… anything you want!

So you’re about to discover what brings about all this wanton wholeness…

Before that, allow me to reveal the shocking reason behind aging in the first place. So...

If you feel your body’s defenses are starting to crumble.

If you feel a sense of dread every time you go for your medical checkup.

If you feel your knees buckling from pain.

If you feel precious memories are starting to fade away.

If you feel your health is a ticking time bomb.

I want to tell you it’s not your fault.

There’s a phenomenon the doctors and hospitals don’t bother to tell you. It’s called…  

DNA Erosion

Huh? While it sounds complicated, it actually isn’t.

Aging is essentially a function of our cells breaking down.

Think of the formidable White Cliffs of Dover, overlooking thunderous waves. 


While it’s majestic and sturdy… The shape of the cliff have drastically changed over the years. There’s rapid erosion of a cliff when the waters hit -- causing the jagged edges you see.

Similarly… The DNA in each cell gets frayed. The cell walls get weak and begin to collapse. So the raging waves are just the process of time.

This causes tumors, collapsed capillaries, and other horrific cellular mistakes.

According to Dr. Sinclair, “This leads each of us into a world of heart disease, cancer, pain, frailty and death.”

And THAT’S JUST what happens as we get older. 

But Here’s How Things Get Worse. 

Because nearly everything in our modern world causes EVEN MORE DNA Erosion.

     • The cigarette you smoke…
     • The plastics you consume…
     • The GMO food you eat…

Heck, even the air you breathe can spark problems for your cells.

For example, the medical journal Lancet informs us air pollution is upgraded to a Level One Carcinogen.

What does this mean? This means the particles coming from fossil fuels and diesel exhaust are getting into our bodies and accelerating DNA Erosion -- quickening aging and our eventual demise.

Here’s where it gets downright terrifying.

We all know Beijing, the capital of China have a terrible air pollution problem. Fortunately, we’re all in the way in the States so that doesn’t affect us, right? WRONG.

You see, what starts in China doesn’t stay in China.

Let me explain. NASA has been tracking a phenomenon called the brown cloud. Those pollutants get up in the jet stream and within seven days deposit themselves on the western seaboard of the United States!

That’s right. Even if you live all the way in the West, the sins of the East can actually condemn you to suffering.

So if that’s the case, what can you do?

If aging is cell erosion… Then… 

You “Un-erode” Cells to Reverse Aging  

How do we do that? Well, what Harvard confirmed with that treadmill mouse, and other experiments, was that enzymes called sirtuins can boost the strength of cells so much they start to repair itself!

And that you can activate sirtuins with a “helper molecule” called NAD+. The senior citizen mouse had so much NAD+ in its system that its blood vessels were healthy and young, full of delicious oxygen, and it evidently felt like running forever.

So the more NAD+ you get in your cells, the more “youthful” they become.

In a minute, I reveal how NAD+ is known as the Infinity Pool of Youthful Perfection.

In the meantime, there’s actually many ways to make more NAD+ in the body.

But guess what? 

The DNA Whisperer is the most effective way to generate NAD+ BY FAR.   

However first off... why that strange name?

Let’s talk about the concept of Whisperers.

You're in somebody's presence who whispers to you... As you look into their eyes and all of a sudden you feel taller... You feel stronger...

You feel like you can do more... You can BE more.

These are people who know you better than you know you. As another example...

Have You Ever Watched the Dog Whisperer?

When exasperated canine owners have problems with their pet’s problems – be it over-aggression or lack of obedience, they call on the charismatic Cesar Millan.

And Cesar will whisper that naughty cocker spaniel or Labrador into submission!

Are you starting to see where I’m going?

That’s why we call it the DNA Whisperer.

It’s a chemical found in the most surprising of places.. And this chemical will get into each and every one of your cells. It whispers to your DNA.

You see, As the bio-hazards that come in through pollution will get into your cells and irritate them to the point of accelerating aging... When your cells get “naughty” due to DNA Erosion and start misbehaving, this chemical whispers… 

“Hey, you can do more. You can be more!”  

It motivates them into good behavior – leading to endless energy, lower blood sugar levels and pain-free movement!

Here’s How The DNA Whisperer Works in 2 simple steps:

Firstly, it activates something called known as the NRF2 Pathway…

This pathway is activated under oxidative stress conditions and subsequently activates several antioxidative genes and proteins.

The NRF2 pathway has been referred to as the “master regulator of antioxidant, detoxification and cell defense gene expression…” by famed Dr. David Perlmutter.

Think of it as... 

The Country Club of Perfect Health 

Picture an invitation-only golf club.

Rolling greens... Stunning sights... A nice play to relax with an ice-cold beer.

The NRF2 Pathway is that country club.

And like all these beautiful establishments, you get a set of membership benefits. In this case, you get access to extraordinary things like perfect health, everlasting youth and breakthrough energy.

However, to access it, you need a keycard. One tap, and you’re in. And let me tell you... 

The DNA Whisperer Is that Key!

Hold on to your hat... Because it gets better.

Remember I talked about NAD+? The helper molecules that reduce biological age? The very same thing that reverses DNA Erosion and increases energy?

Well, when you activate the NRF2 Pathway, it in turn generates NAD+.

Think of it this way...

If NRF2 is the Country Club of Perfect Health.

Then NAD+ is... 

The Infinity Pool of Youthful Paradise.  

Because the centerpiece of any club is a fancy pool like this.

Imagine – Dipping into the serene body of water.

Your anxieties melt away. Your body floats – without pain… Without creaky joints.

And that’s because you’re SUBMERGED in copious amounts of NAD+..

This means…

As Sirtuins are triggered…
Your cells soak up the fresh, new NAD+… and they churn out
life-giving energy like they did years and years ago

Because of this, you can feel half your age.

Actually, science shows the way your body changes go far beyond what you feel…
As you’re about to see, your blood pressure… blood sugar… joint health… heart health… even your brain health all improve. The DNA Whisperer process is, quite simply, unstoppable.

The more you’re watching this, the more convinced the DNA Whisperer is the way to greater and better health.

And you want to know something startling?

Generating anti-aging NAD+ is just ONE of the membership benefits.

Because by activating the NRF2 Pathway... You get...  

5 Other Stunning Membership Privileges 

Yes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Just for starters, the DNA Whisperer Can… 

Quench Inflammation  

Inflammation is like a forest fire that’s OUT of control.

Believe it or not… a small fire is actually good. They said biodiversity increases by 90% when a fire sweeps through – renewing nature.

In the same way, inflammation acts as that fire. Helping you renew the body and fight off infection.

However, due to the fact we have pollutants in the air, GMO is our food, DNA Erosion occurring everywhere… Our body is always under attack.

As a result, the small fire becomes a raging inferno.

I mean, look at the recent fire in the Amazon rain forest.

It wiped out everything in its wake. And that’s what excess inflammation does to your body.

It clogs blood vessels... Tightens your joints in a vice-like grip... Spike your blood sugar... Overwhelm you with a thick blanket of exhaustion -- even if you were barely moving a muscle to begin with.

Here’s the important bit...

The DNA Whisperer creates plummeting inflammation markers -- quickly and easily.

In a 2015 study published in the peer-reviewed journal Antioxidants & Redox Signaling, it says the DNA Whisperer inhibits the NF-κB pathway, one of the primary causes of inflammation… thus drastically reducing it.

The NF-κB pathway is a negative pathway. It’s actually the opposite to the NRF2 Pathway. The yin to its yang. The villain to its hero, if you will.

And of course when you reduce inflammation – the mother of all kinds of problems… You’ll experience... 

Pain-Free Joints.  

According to The Mayo Clinic, inflammation is one of the leading causes of joint pain in adults over 45.

In fact, some of the most common symptoms of aging such as aches, pains and fatigue are all caused by inflammation...

Did you catch that?

The inflammation inside your joint is causing much of the suffering you are experiencing on a daily basis. Waking up in the morning with stiff, achy joints. Trying to chase your grandkids but unable to keep up because of your "old knees". Living your life constantly wishing your extremities would just stop throbbing.

So as the DNA Whisperer works on your limbs and remove inflammation, you get grateful testimonials like this one:

“It just relieved the pain in my finger joints. When I moved my fingers, I typically had joint pain. After taking the product for about two days, my finger pain was gone.”
-Missy M., September, 2018

Additionally, the DNA Whisperer will... 

Create Crystal-Clear Memory  

Desire a razor-sharp memory? Want to effortlessly remember names, places, car keys… even distant memories?

Want to enjoy laser-like focus as you solve puzzles, navigate through town, or even start a new project around the house?

According to a 2015 study published in the prestigious journal Neuropharmacology, the DNA Whisperer can increase brain function. Resulting in powerful mental flow.

And here’s why. Remember our old friend inflammation?

Turns out that when it affects the brain, it creates all kinds of nasty issues – including senior thinking, memory loss and a lack of focus.

So as the NRF2 Pathway is activated and NF-κB pathway is deactivated, it reduces inflammation so your brain is practically resurrected.

You’ll be the sharpest tool in the shed.

More crucially, the DNA Whisperer...  

Helps Your Heart 

In a 2013 Thrombosis and Haemostasis study, the DNA Whisperer aids human platelet aggregation through inhibiting the phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt pathway.

So you guess it... As activating the NRF2 Pathway leads to inhibiting yet another pathway, this time the PI3K one... It again cuts inflammation at its knees.

In turn, that leads to better heart health.

if you have a family history of heart trouble, you may already know what it takes to keep your heart going strong. The DNA Whisperer keeps your cardiovascular system running smoothly.

Hey, your blood vessels will thank you.

And if you’re struggling with elevated blood sugar... There’s great news for you too. Because the DNA whisperer also...  

Creates Perfect Blood Sugar 

Indeed, the research is exciting when it comes to the wonder nutrient lowering blood sugar and HBA1C numbers.

Here’s a quote from 3 separate peer-reviewed research journals:

“increased blood antioxidant capacity and HDL cholesterol, and decreased oxidative stress, triglycerides, insulin, insulin resistance, and CRP”
~ Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 2012

“May improve Insulin Resistance in type 2 diabetic patients.”
~ International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition, 2012

Excellent choice for supplementary treatment.
Journal of Medicinal Food, 2013

The implications of JUST these 3 studies are astounding.

The DNA Whisperer causes an incredible 23% increase in insulin resistance.

This means no dreaded afternoon slumps.

Great HBA1C numbers.

And no more concern for future consequences that accompanies uncontrolled blood sugar.

How inspiring is that?

And want to know something else that is funny?

According to a 2016 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications paper… 

It Can Even Give You a Full Luscious Head of Hair! 

That’s right... According to a study done by the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Graduate School of Medicine, The DNA Whisperer can even reverse baldness by
accelerating the degradation of dihydrotestosterone.

Imagine long flowing locks to replace your barren bristles on your scalp!

So after all that…

After hearing about all these 6 amazing Membership Privileges from the Country Club of Perfect Health...

This is the moment you've been waiting for.

The DNA Whisperer is known as Sulforaphane.

One of the most powerful nutrients on Earth.

Pay close attention to this fact…

So if this is the kind of breakthrough that can bring you back to Edenic perfection…

You might wonder how something this powerful was already discovered for YEARS. And yet all those rates of old age didn't seem to have gone down.

Even more perplexing, you can actually find it in a household vegetable. Namely... 

Sulforaphane is Found In Plain Old Broccoli. 

You read that right.

But before you run out and grab a head or two...

You need to eat a whopping 10 pounds of broccoli just to get anything resembling results. To put things in perspective, it looks something like this:

Instead, you can do sprouts. There’s considerably more sulforaphane in it.

However... it takes a lot of time to grow them and it tastes terrible. Plus, you need to eat an entire mason jar worth of it every time.

And if you think that was bad...

Not even Big Pharma was able to extract stabilized sulforaphane from its source. Which means there was no pleasant way to consume this miracle food.

Till January 2018, that is…

That was the date we managed to stabilize the compound into pill form.

And in October 2018, we made it 5X more bioavailable -- meaning you now can absorb even more of its potent goodness.

As a result… 

Re: Global Health Crisis & Immunity...

During this unique time of a global pandemic, the World Economic Forum has advised that boosting one's immunity is one of the keys to staying healthy. In fact, there's no better time to fully embrace the notion "Prevention is Better Than Cure" when it comes to this deadly disease.

Guess what? Sulforaphane actually has proven immune boosting capabilities. You see, it's one of the few supplements that actually boost BOTH arms (Th1 & Th2) of the immune system. This is important. Think of the virus as the enemy and your white blood cells as the army. Attacking the enemy one way (i.e. just Th1) is somewhat effective. However, a 2-pronged attack from different angles by both Th1 and Th2 of your immunity system has a FAR higher chance of OBLITERATING nasty foreign invaders.

Can't you see how vital it is to have both Th1 and Th2 protection from the array of viruses, bacteria and parasites?

And here's something even more promising...

Sulforaphane is also highly antiviral. It blocks the way viruses enter the cell as well as reducing how they replicate once they are inside. In fact, one randomized control trial on sulforaphane’s impact showed a clinically significant enhanced respiratory antiviral defense response from sulforaphane through boosting natural killers up to 4 times.

What does this mean for your health after you consume sulforaphane? Well, in the case of my 80 year old parents, neither were sick in 2019, which was the first time that happened since they can remember! Plus, my 9 & 11 year old children don’t get sick even when half their school is out with a virus.

Therefore, sulforaphane may be one of the best defenses against the pandemic. 

Epiceutical Labs has the only trade-secreted stabilized sulforaphane solution of the market

And that’s absolutely good news for you.

With one simple capsule and 1 gulp of water, you’ll be whisked away in time

      • When there’s no joint pain…
      • No keeping track of medication…
      • No constant trips to the doctor…

When you don’t have to feel the humiliation of not being able to dress yourself, because your frozen shoulder has gotten so severe.

And more importantly…

Where you don't feel like your body is wasting away. .

Instead, you’ll experience pure unbridled energy.

You’ll never be imprisoned by your coach and your bed EVER again. 

All because of BrocElite™  


And the only way to get them is in the 100% GMO Free brand-new formula from my team at Epiceutical Labs.

At last, you get the cure for old age.

This amazing package will work:

     • Even if you’d been struggling with inconsistent blood sugar for years.
     • Even if you’d have poor energy.
     • Even if you tried countless other treatments and diets to no effect.

And here’s something fantastic.

If You Want To:

     • Stop eating those “special” foods that taste like sawdust and pamper yourself
       with forbidden delights instead.
     • Stop dreading those doctor visits doing your bloodwork and enjoy balanced
       blood sugar instead.
     • Stop living in regret over “if only I took better care of myself” and experience a
       2nd chance
at living instead.

You can take advantage of the DNA Whisperer’s powerful benefits starting your first day.

     • In this presentation, you discovered how your body goes through DNA Erosion,
       hence triggering the aging effect that leads to body and brain breakdown.
     • You’ve studied how the cure for that is accessing the Country Club of Perfect
       Health which main feature is the Infinity Pool of Youthful Paradise, activating
       NAD+ like crazy

     • You’ve learned how Sulforaphane is your “key card” to that club… also giving       
       you access to 6 other amazing health benefits…

A second-wind in life.

Now for the most important part.  

How much would you pay to have a cure for old age? 

Did you know the average price of insulin nearly tripled between 2002 and 2013 according to the American Diabetes Association, thanks to “price gouging” due to pharmaceutical monopoly?

And that’s not to mention all the other medications as well, with all the different supplements address all the different symptoms.

This means on top of a barrage of pills, the cost add up quickly.

So here’s the good news...

For a fraction of the price of your entire regiment, BrocElite can tackle 6 of these different issues. They comprise of:

    • Boosting Energy
    • Quenching Inflammation
    • Loosening Joints
    • Sharpening Memory
    • Unclogging Arteries
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“I’m an 80 year old bemoaning stiff joints. I began taking BrocElite and within days I’m walking normally and climbing stairs like I’m a 40 year old. I am in love with this product and I take two in the morning and two in the evening. I will use it for the rest of my life!”
~ Madeline T., September 2018

“I’ve always taken sleep for granted, but my wife, who stirs easily, does not. In our early marriage, I slept quietly and never disturbed her. At some point in my late 30s, however, I started to snore. It got bad enough that sometimes the sound of it would wake her out of a deep sleep. I tried a number of anti-snoring remedies, but nothing helped. Then a friend gave me BrocElite. I started taking it, knowing it would reduce inflammation but never expecting that it would impact my snoring. Much to my surprise, it did! I haven’t snored since. My wife was so delighted to get uninterrupted sleep again that she told me I had to write to the company and thank them. This is the only testimonial I’ve ever written for a product. If you have trouble with snoring, give BrocElite a try. It just might restore your sleep.”
~ Corban A., October, 2018

“I have to tell you that if there is one single supplement that I take that makes me feel amazing it is BrocElite. My husband and I started taking them and cannot believe how amazing they make us feel. My husband attributed them to helping his feet not hurt when he's on them for 14- 16 hours a day and his back feels better. I feel better completely. We are amazed and are big fans and will continue taking them. Thank you for this amazing product!”
~ Vickie G, October, 2019

In 2005, I had a severely botched-up arthroscopic gallbladder surgery where I almost bled to death. Ever since then, I’ve had extreme diarrhea problems that dominated my life. Once I started taking BrocElite, my life is now manageable and so much better. I can’t say enough about this product. BrocElite has given me my life back!
~ Barbara R., November, 2019

“So, I originally tried this, because I read an article about how broccoli sprout extract can help a certain brain condition that I have. I don't know if it has helped my brain, but this stuff has totally helped my digestion! So, TMI, but I had trouble with loose stools for the longest time. Nothing seemed to help. So far I've been taking BrocElite Plus for about 3-4 months and my digestive issues are seemingly fixed (knock on wood). This has been like a miracle for me!”
~ Kristin B. August, 2019

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A famous zinc ionophore in the news lately is hydroxychloroquine, which is a man-made pharmaceutical.  ZincElite is all natural and its ingredients are proven in science literature to work in a similar way to hydroxychloroquine.  

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